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I aim to make a difference in their lives, giving them tools to embrace the world with inner smiles and bright eyes and an attitude to live their lives through the lens of their heart and soul.

Kids Sessions

Energy Healing greatly benefits children’s emotional, physical, mental and energetic health.
Incorporating a broad range of healing modalities including Usui Reiki and Egyptian Seichem in combination with a highly advanced form of clearing energetic blocks right down to the cellular and DNA level, children are empowered to heal themselves.


Energy healing sessions greatly benefit children of any age by rebalancing the chakra system, promoting relaxation, balance and an overall feeling of calm.

Since todays children are dealing with lots of anxiety, fear, peer and educational pressure, childhood ailments such as ear infections, respiratory infections, asthma, G.I. upset, type 2 diabetes are on the rise.

It works on all levels of the body: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

Improvement of Pain 0
Relaxation & Peace 0
Mental & Emotional Health 0
Improvement of Anxiety & Depression 0


(30 min / $55 USD(60 min / $88 USD)

For these special little being healing sessions work like magic.

Children and teenagers of all ages thrive when they are exposed to pure light healing rays.

It greatly benefits their emotional, physical, mental and energetic health.

By incorporating a broad range of healing modalities including Usui Reiki and Egyptian Seichem in combination with a highly advanced form of clearing energetic blocks right down to the cellular and DNA level, children are empowered to heal themselves.

Often times children and teenagers in particular need extra support anchoring into their physical existence and coping with challenges in their physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

It is not uncommon for these advanced beings to come with a heavy karmic imprint while trying to navigate the earthly plane and transmuting the imprint we leave on them as their parents and caregivers.

Tools such as holistic breathing techniques, mindfulness practices, visualization and mantras may be introduced to further support the healing journey.

Essential oils, crystal essences, Sage, Palo Santo and Frankincense for smudging and clearing  and various sound healing instruments (432 hz tanzanite chalice singing bowl toned to the throat chakra, 432 hz quartz crystal singing bowl toned to the heart chakra, a Tibetan singing bowl toned to the root chakra, a shamanic native drum, a rattle, Koshi chimes, Tibetan bell chimes) may be used during the session.

Oftentimes channeled insight will arise during or after the session to help clarify further why challenges manifested in the first place.


Kids Workshops

A wide array of one, 1, 2 or 3 day workshops fostering children innate holistic creativity, joy of learning, connection and empowerment. These workshops were handcrafted to work with the wide range of personalities and interests that children are born wide. By encouraging curiosity and supporting the signature of each little spirit, children receive a unique blend that leaves them empowered in self esteem.


Fostering the natural state of curiosity and wonder in a child’s healthy search for answers in the world gives us the opportunity to introduce several different creative, spiritual and physical workshops to support them.

By carefully tuning into their interests and abilities of what is naturally and holistically unfolding, we support their developmental stages, increase their self confidence and empower them beyond the “box”.

Meaningful Connection 0
Increased Ability to Contemplate & Reflect 0
Confidence & Empowerment 0
Ability to Source From Within 0

Usui Reiki Level 1 for Children Age 9 & up

(1/2 Day / $122 USD)

Reiki is a gentle, nurturing and empowering healing modality for children.

With the ability to help heal themselves, pets, plants and to manage stress using the traditional Usui Reiki method of Natural Healing, in addition, they learn an easy, enjoyable meditation and the five Reiki Principles.

Through the attunement, children will have a greater barrier and protective layer to their auric field which gives them more confidence and safety in the energetic and emotional realm.


Usui Reiki Level 2 for Children Age 9 & Up

(1/2 Day / $122 USD)

This class is suitable for children that have been initiated with First Degree Reiki (Level I), and are showing a strong interest to go further with their REIKI HANDS.  My recommendation prior to registering your child for this class is that they have a minimum of 3 months practicing self reiki on a regular basis, and are feeling they want to expand their healing abilities through the use of the reiki symbols, including sending distance reiki.

In this class children will be attuned to Reiki Level 2, which in addition to greater awareness and an expanded healing ability also gives them a strong protective layer to their auric and energetic field.


Jedi Light Warrior Training Age 5-10

($44 USD / Including snack & water)

The new generation of our children is highly sensitive, in tune and quite wise for their age.

This one day workshop is designed to give answers to many of their deep questions about life, the universe, energy and this reality.

Through play, movement, games, mindfulness and discussions we explore energy, our energetic field  and how to work with other peoples energy.

We journey through various tools, self regulation exercises, mindfulness and self healing practices to increase and foster awareness, knowledge and with that empowerment.

This workshop calls the wise new generation of light workers.


Mom & Daughter Rites of Passage Weekend

($444 USD / Including ceremonial donation, temple attire, breakfast/lunch/snack/water for both days and all creative art supplies)

Accommodation available upon request

There comes a time where the bond of mother and daughter is stretched, tested and sometimes torn.

We are challenged by what the world demands of us and find it hard to reconnect with compassion and love while staying true to our individual and collective needs.

This one day workshop is designed to bring the LOVE back.

We learn and utilize tools to mindfully and skillfully bring back awareness in our interactions and communication with ourselves and each other.

While lovingly respecting each others path as well as the combined one, we examine the ancestral lineage to release any old and outdated belief systems that no longer serve.

We start the first day with a water purification, a light breakfast followed by circle work, movement and exercises.

We break for a nourishing lunch, speak to the power of mindful menstruation and close with a ancestral healing for both mother and daughter.

On the next day, we explore our roles as “Maiden” and “Mother”, weave ritual and prayer into this field of unconditional loving presence and respect.

Here we break for breakfast.

We come back to move, play and laugh and proceed to work on a combined creative project while continuing to explore each others passions and purpose as well as our imprints and blueprints.

We end our beautiful and charged day with a HO’Oponopono Ceremony for Forgiveness.


Kids Classes

Children’s mindfulness, yoga and empowerment classes are designed to share fun, empowering and insightful information, movement and play that benefits and supports the child’s continuously developing body, mind and spirit. While fostering their naturing curiosity and ability to tune in, their creativity as well as intuition is nourished and underlined.


By continuously attending weekly classes, the child enables his/her ability to form trust and the joy to learn and grow in body, mind and spirit.

Their natural interest is both nourished and supported by bringing out tools, exercises, projects, games, movement and storytelling.

While playfully journeying through each week’s class there is so much to explore and embody that an endless curiosity is fostered.

Mindfulness 0
Peace & Relaxation 0
Empowerment 0
Curiosity & Love of Learning 0

Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids

Children join Nicole for an hour of movement, yoga, mindfulness and creative projects leaving them empowered and balanced.

Through a calm and soothing approach Nicole weaves in wisdom teachings, healing tools, fun filled yoga practices and mind-body practices that help to support and enhance physical, mental and emotional well being.