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I am not here to heal you. I am a conduit to help you remember who you really are and why you came at this time. Through holding high frequency vibrational space for you. You rediscover your wholeness and ultimately your innate freedom.

Healing Sessions

A potent offering of ancient Healing modalities combined with high vibrational alchemical techniques that invoke healing, remembrance, and wholeness…


A healing session is customized to your emotional, mental, physical and energetic needs.

Through a potent mix of ancient healing modalities and the use of essential oils, crystals, invocations, prayer and channeling information which aids in the healing /alignment process, full spectrum healing can occur.

Improvement of Pain 0
Relaxation & Peace 0
Mental & Emotional Health 0
Improvement of Anxiety & Depression 0

Shamanic Reiki

(60 min / $111 USD)

Reiki (ray-key) is a technique that aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation. Because of this, Reiki promotes healing and health. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “the Wisdom of God or the Higher Power” and Ki which is means ‘life force energy.’ So Reiki means ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’ The Reiki system of healing is a technique for transmitting this subtle energy to yourself and others through the hands into the human energy system. Reiki restores energy balance and vitality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. It gently and effectively opens blocked meridians, nadas and chakras, and clears the energy bodies, leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace.

A treatment feels like warm, gentle sunshine which flows through you, surrounds you and comforts you. Reiki treats the person’s body, emotions, mind and spirit as a whole. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can benefit from.

Reiki helps with:

Stress reduction & Deep relaxation

Aids in inducing the body’s natural healing abilities

Gaining inner peace & harmony

Helps to balance mind & emotions

Offers relief during distress, sorrow and grieving

Helps with physical ailments and imbalances such as migraine, arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, asthma, insomnia, detoxification to name a few

Speeds up the recovery from surgery and long term illness

Effective way to treat immediate problems



(60 min / 111 USD)

Seichem (pronounced ‘say keem’) is one of the healing arts practised in ancient Egypt. Seichem was rediscovered in 1980 by Patrick Zeigler while he was visiting Egypt and after spending the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. 

The treatments are very similar to Reiki and uses many of the techniques which are employed in Reiki.

One specific difference is that Seichem works more in the aura of the recipient and so there are specific techniques which work on the energy bodies.

Seichem connects us with our higher-selves to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The energy is used to heal and stimulate personal development and growth.

In a Seichem Energy Healing Session aside from Reiki, Sophi-el, Sakara and Angeliclight healing rays are channeled and transmitted.

Reiki (Earth) is experienced as heat or cold and can benefit mental and emotional health. It forms a base from which other elemental rays can work. 

Sophi-el (Water) is felt as a gentle pulsating coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues, opens the heart to love and enhances intuitive abilities. 

Sakara (Fire) is experienced as an effervescent tingling, like a mild electrical current. It works in the Aura, helping to release and transform blockages. Sakara also helps repair the physical body. 

Angeliclight (Air & Spirit) is experienced as a cool breeze and the presence of angels and angelic beings may be felt.

Seichem helps with:

Releasing deep traumatic emotional, mental and energetic blocks & imprints

Aids in releasing deep fears, anxiety and tension

Clears and helps to rebuild the energetic field of the client

Restores deep peace and balance

Brings deep emotional wounds to the surface to heal


Sound Bath Healing & Activation

(60 min / $111 USD)

A profound and deeply moving experience through the realms of ancient sacred sounds using a 432 hz tanzanite crystal singing chalice, clear quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, KOSHI chimes, rattles, shamanic drums, Tibetan bells and chimes.

After casting a medicine circle and setting up sacred space utilizing crystals, crystal sprays, essential oils, buffalo white sage and palo Santo, Nicole works with the clients angelic guides, totem spirit animals and multidimensional beings to maximize the clients potentiality to clear, heal and set the field to raise the vibratory field around them.


Psychic Surgery

(30 – 45 min / $88 USD)

Psychic Surgery is a potent modality when working with continued negative thinking patters, outdated belief systems, suicidal tendencies, lack of drive and energy, depression and chronic illness.

While traveling to the source of the interference which may be linked to astral interference, implants, curses, energetic hooks and chords, Nicole removes the root of the problem by psychically removing it.

The auric layer is then cleansed and resealed which prevents further interference and an entry point to the clients light source.


Soul Fragment Retrieval

(30 – 45 min / $88 USD)

Through early childhood trauma in this or previous life times such as abuse, assault, neglect, separation, terror, accidents or chronic illness parts of our soul may fragment off and live in another dimension/realms.

These unhealed parts are still vibrationally linked to the energy of the abuser or event and therefore hinder us to fully heal them.

Therefore we are partially stuck in energies and responding to people or events in the same manner that we accumulated through the traumatic imprint.

Nicole will journey will work directly with her angelic and universal guides to retrieve the wounded and hidden parts, cleanse them and guide them to be reintegrated into the client’s field in the right time.

This is a celebratory process and during the reintegration process and beyond it is the client’s responsibility to hold and nurture this newly found vibration.

Sacred bathing, meditations, prayers and continued support are encouraged.


Find your Roar – Liberation through the Voice

(90 min / $122 USD)

Women have been suppressed to speak their truths for centuries.
Utilizing our voice as our personal healing instrument, we reclaim our power as Women and heal these ancient wounds for ourselves and the generations to come.

In this powerful customized 101 session, Nicole facilitates the sacred space that unearths the layers of guilt, shame, suppression and oppression that are held in the throat chakra.

With the help of inner child work, trauma release and ancient Shamanic tools, these layers can be released and the story of the voice and our expression re-written.

You‘ll gain valuable tools and techniques to empower your voice and create lasting change for every aspect of your life.


Healing Workshops

Join Robin and Nicole on a weekend journey of rediscovering the innate gifts of a conscious family tribe.


By accessing and learning important tools and facts about yourself and the world around you, the connection to your innate inner truth is reestablished.

Powerful journeys through the inner gateways of perception, contemplation, meditation, movement and connection are utilized to once again bring you to a remembrance of your wholeness and inner wisdom.

Meaningful Connection 0
Increased Ability to Contemplate & Reflect 0
Confidence & Empowerment 0
Ability to Source From Within 0

Family Wisdom Weekend for Mom & Dad

2 days, snacks and lunch included
Energy exchange ($444 USD for couples / $222 USD for singles)

Often times, we become so busy, that we easily forget to respond with kindness and compassion to each other in our family tribe. It can become quite overwhelming to navigate the many challenges we face in todays society and often times we get triggered.

Without the fitting tools, wounds are created that are passed on down the ancestral line from generation to generation.

After this weekend:

Have a better understanding of the family unit and its many beautiful qualities

Regain access to your own deepest trauma and wounds through profound inner child work in person and as a group

Renew the bond with your inner self, rediscovering deep wisdom and healing

Bond with your family tribe through discovering each others gifts and challenges

Discover how you and each member of your family relates and who you are in the world through Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligence Theory

Learn tools to instill balance, mindfulness and harmony into your everyday lives

Build understanding and trust through a multigenerational Forgiveness Ceremony

Gain insight into each others patterns, beliefs and expectations through a male/female mixed circle


Shamanic Reiki Level 1

(1 day / $188 USD)

The First Degree Reiki Initiation clears the healing channel within you, and attunes you to the Reiki energy for the rest of your life.  The more you use Reiki, the stronger it will become, however psychic you are, however intuitive or creative you are, the attunement increases these abilities by up to 80%.  The raising of your vibrations helps to bring about a transforming process on all the many levels of your life.

The Initiation is a sacred ceremony, during which the Reiki Master uses ancient knowledge and techniques to clear any obstructions and increase the receiver’s amount of life energy, by opening up certain specific chakras to enable them to transmit and receive Reiki energy.  Various reactions are possible during the attunement, from seeing colours, feeling heat or cold, sensing movement, or just a deep sense of love and peace.  Whatever the nature of your experience during the attunement it will not affect in any way the Reiki energy being channelled from that day forth you will always be connected to the healing energy of Reiki and able to channel the higher frequency of energy for healing yourself and others.

Seichem helps with:


Shamanic Reiki Level 2

(2 days / $188 USD)

Pursuing the second degree of Reiki is a spiritual opportunity to begin to transform the mind from pain and suffering to feelings of wholeness and good health.  Our mind is a program of many conditions and belief systems the power of Reiki is to go beyond these conditionings and activate the essence of divine love embedded in all beings.  Reiki does not destroy the ego but it helps change the focus away from the mind to transcend beyond time and space. 

The purpose of the second degree Reiki is to activate the sacred Reiki symbols and mantras.  The same Reiki 1 principles apply when doing a self treatment or a treatment on others, the only difference is you will now learn to incorporate the sacred symbols that Dr Usui received in his satori experience on Mount Koryi Yama in the late 1800’s.  Reiki symbols are transcendental, and work on the etheric and physical bodies.  2nd degree of Reiki heals the passive energies of the mind.  Whereby the 1st degree of Reiki heals the active energies of the body.

The attunement of second degree Reiki raises the personal vibratory of the receiver to a higher frequency increasing the amount of universal energy being channelled. Opening the practitioner to a higher level of sensitivity, creativity and psychic ability. Once again a 21 day cleansing period will take place after the second degree initiation where Reiki energy will move through the subtle body levels clearing, purifying and realigning your being to the higher frequency of energy.


Shamanic Reiki Master Certification

(2 days / $499 USD)

The desire to grow is inherent in simply being alive.  As we look around ourselves and observe living things, we can clearly see that the one activity that all living things share is growth.  Everything that is alive grows.  Therefore, the desire to grow in ones Reiki potential is a natural expression of one’s core essence and of life itself.  If you feel this desire in your heart, honour and respect it and know that the time has come for expand your consciousness to  the Reiki Masters’.

The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many and you don’t necessary have to teach in order for the master training to be useful.  The additional healing energy, symbols techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities.  Treating yourself, and treating others in person and at a distance will all be noticeably improved. 

You will realize sooner or later that there is more to Reiki than using it to heal yourself and others of specific problems.  Reiki has a deeper purpose.  In the same way that Reiki is able to guide healing energy when you are giving a treatment, Reiki can guide your life.

By treating yourself and others and meditating on the essence of Reiki, you will be guided more and more by Reiki in making important decisions.  Sometimes you will find yourself doing things that don’t make sense or conform to what you think you should be doing and sometimes you will be guided to do things that you have vowed you would never do.  However, by trusting more and more in the guidance of Reiki, by letting go of what your ego thinks it needs to be happy and by humbly surrendering to Reiki’s loving power, you will find your life changing in ways that bring greater harmony and feelings of real happiness.

Once you have surrendered completely, you will have entered The Way of Reiki.  When you do this, you will be at peace with the past, have complete faith in the future and know that there never was anything to worry about.  Your life will work with ever greater harmony and you will feel that you have reached your goal of wholeness even as you continue to move toward it!

In the end, we must consider that a Reiki Master is not one who has mastered Reiki, but one who has been mastered by Reiki.  This requires that we surrender completely to the spirit of Reiki, allowing it to guide every area of our lives.


Personal Healing Retreats

I feel blessed to offer a potent one on one five day retreat for you on the magical Island of the Gods, Bali.


A customized one on one healing retreat is a powerful way to truly reconnect to your inner wisdom and strength.

By fine-tuning your energetic alchemical ability and purpose, life is geared towards living in joy and peace, free of the victimhood and “lack” mentality.

This is a important way to recharge all the senses and increase the ability to self reflect, contemplate and heal.

Reconnection to Self 0
Reflect & Contemplate 0
Increase in Intuition 0
Outer World Changes 0

One on One 5-day Retreat in Bali

Flight excluded
Accommodation options available upon request
($1,888 USD)

Airport Transport, Mt, Batur transport an personal guide, organic vegan/vegetarian breakfast and lunch, entrance fees to temple, temple attire, ceremonies and offerings, arts & craft supplies, journal, spa treatments included.


Here is a sample schedule:

Day 1

Check In / Meditation


Water Purification and Blessing with Ida Resi (High Priestess of Bali)


Womb Healing

Integration through Art & Journaling


Day 2

Check In / Meditation


Sound Healing - Deep Healing Session

Silent Walk in Nature / Time to reflect and journal


Intuitive Movement

Toning (Working with the voice as a healing instrument)

Integration time


Day 3

Check In / Meditation


Sound Healing Session at The Pyramids of Chi


Post Integration Session

Wisdom Teachings & Ancestral Clearing

Learning about Archetypes

Rest & Integration Time


Day 4

Early Morning drive to Mount Batur

Check In / Meditation

Hike up the mountain at sunrise


Meditation & Journaling

Rest & Integration Time

Evening Cacao and Manifestation Ceremony


Day 5

Morning at Cantika Zest Spa


Creation of Art & Poetry

Silk Painting your own kimono to take home


Closing Ceremony & Puja


Family Healing Retreats

In this special retreat, we come together full circle. As a family unite we explore important subjects of connection, dynamic and innate wisdom; re-establishing the four corners of our foundation that can get lost in our daily life.


Finding a renewed sense of joy, direction and connection in our own family unit gives a sense of safety, purpose and understanding that automatically invites and healthy sense of self and how we relate to ourselves and our entire human family with a sense of unconditional love and kindness that is unparalleled.

Connection to Self & Others 0
Sense of Safety & Belonging 0
Peace & Tranquility 0
Childlike Wonder & Joy 0

Anam Cara – A revolutionary Family Retreat

6 Day Family Retreat based on a family of four

Including accommodation in a 4* resort, all meals and snacks & water, entry passes, ceremonial attire, spa treatments, excursions, craft material plus a surprise basket full of goodies

($6666 USD)

In our day and times, it is challenging to stay connected as a family.

While mom goes on retreat, dad looks after the kids or vice versa, someone usually gets the short end of the stick and the time away doesn’t really get a chance to blossom in full potential.

This is why we are called to bring it all together. A chance to embrace time in a conscious, fun engaging and expanding way.

We want to make sure that you leave this week with us full of tools to help you soar individually and together, renewed soul connection that is both empowering and enabling and mostly a skyrocketing increase in the ability to respond to life in a moment to moment basis as a family.

During this time, we spend time apart and together.

As women, we explore the dynamics of our intuition, power and wisdom in a group setting with our sisters while the men equally hold circle remembering their strengths and gaining a better understanding of the emotional, mental and energetic makeup as a group.

With the children being immersed in fun, empowering and powerful group initiates they will discover their inbuilt intuition, ability to deeply connect with nature and animals. They will also learn about energy and self healing; their inner and outer world and how they relate to both with increased presence and reciprocity.

Through movement and play they will connect freely and joyfully with their peers and gain a better understanding of their body’s ability, their needs and wants. Understanding and practising healthy boundaries, loving kindness to all sentient life and tapping into their powerhouse inner intuition and knowing will make a a great chunk of our time together.

As inner child work is such an essential part of the individual and unit, we will explore all corners of discovery, contemplation, healing and empowerment through various exercises.

When we come together, we will explore specific group dynamics in a playful yet thought provoking setting, enabling all of our senses and inner wisdom. Through exercises, games, ceremony, rituals, circle work, creative tasks and movement we will learn just how each of us has such a special and important place in our personal and global family.

We will explore the power of prayers, incantations, chants, singing, movement, meditation and mindfulness.

We will let go of old outdated belief systems and patters to make room for new and expansive versions of ourselves.

If you are ready for a revolution to fully embrace everything a conscious family unit has to offer, this is for you!