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I am so glad you are here!

As you navigate these pages I want to say: thank you for seeking something deeper for you or your little one!

Here, you may fall. You are received with open arms.

Here you are supported, seen and held!

With love & gratitude,


As a mother, healer, artist, yogi, dancer, ceremonialist and mentor, I find great joy in empowering others along the path of self-realization and transformation.

I was awakened to the potency of the ancient healing arts and a holistic approach to health after a near fatal riding accident when I was 16.

I began by studying Iridology, Nutritional Healing and later Family Counselling, Usui Reiki, Egyptian Seichem and Kids Yoga.

I have been fortunate to study with many gifted intuitive healers, shamans and mentors which lead me to owning my own power as a potent healer and conduit of various healing arts, dedicating my life to my own evolution and self mastery so that I can walk a path of service to actively support the people I am gifted to meet and work with. I am passionate about carrying forth the ancient teachings of the yogic, shamanic and universal truths.

I feel very grateful to facilitate personal and family retreats all over the world, teaching Usui Reiki to adults and kids alike, holding circles, fusing mindfulness, yoga and ceremonial practices. I am blessed to provide intuitive counseling and healing sessions to clients of all ages and in all stages of life.

Healing Sessions

A potent offering of ancient Healing modalities combined with high vibrational alchemical techniques that invoke healing, remembrance, and wholeness…

Shamanic Reiki Healing Session

Seichem Healing Session

Sound Bath Healing and Activation

Psychic Surgery

Soul Fragment Retrieval


Healing Workshops

Join Robin and Nicole on a weekend journey of rediscovering the innate gifts of a conscious family tribe.

Family Wisdom Weekend for Mom & Dad

Shamanic Reiki Level 1

Shamanic Reiki Level 2

Shamanic Reiki Master Certification


Personal Healing Retreats

I feel blessed to offer a potent one on one five day retreat for you on the magical Island of the Gods, Bali.

One on One 5-Day Retreat in Bali


Family Healing Retreats

In this special retreat, we come together full circle.

Anam Cara – A Revolutionary Family Retreat


Kids Sessions

Energy Healing greatly benefits children’s emotional, physical, mental and energetic health.

30 Minute Kids Healing Sessions

60 Minute Kids Healing Sessions


Kids Workshops

A wide array of one, 1, 2 or 3 day workshops fostering children innate holistic creativity, joy of learning, connection and empowerment.

Usui Reiki Level 1 for Children Age 9 & Up

Usui Reiki Level 2 for Children Age 9 & Up

Jedi Light Warrior Training Age 5-10

Mom & Daughter Rites of Passage Weekend


Kids Classes

Children’s mindfulness, yoga and empowerment classes are designed to share fun, empowering and insightful information…

Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids


9:30-10:30am Saturday Yoga & Empowerment 5-9 years @ Moksa



“Nicole is truly an authentic wisdom keeper, magical healer and a dear Sister. I have been awakened by her compassionate teachings, her many selflessness acts of kindness and immeasurable love for all. Her extensive knowledge is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced. She has provided me with the tools I have been desperately seeking to apply to my everyday life. She has assisted me in creating healthy boundaries, finding my voice and speaking my truth. Nicole has helped me to finally start trusting myself, especially when it comes to women in my life. We must bond together, love & support one another. Sisterhood was something I was lacking in life and I am so happy I can now connect with other Women with ease and grace. Her healing sessions are the most potent I have ever received to date. I look forward to more teachings, deeper healing and connection.”


“Nicole is a natural-born healer. Her hands are filled with a healing, and love filled-vibration. The sessions I had with Nicole were such a powerful experience of stress-relief and transformation. I had an amazing experience, and found the sessions a little more intense and meaningful than other energy work I had received. Nicole shared deep insights with me, that left me feeling a deep sense of peace."


“Nicole is such a kind soul, with a beautiful heart, that a session with her leaves you feeling peaceful, inspired and more than a little thoughtful! Oh, and relaxed.....so, so relaxed! I would recommend her without hesitation. She’s wonderful! 💕”

Tracey Wilke

“The universe brought Nicole into my life when I needed her and I’ve been grateful ever since. From my clearing with Nicole I’ve been able to dig down into the layers of my life and align myself with my true intentions. Her guidance and knowledge has kept me honest to myself and I’ve consistently moved forward.”


“I highly recommend classes Nicole facilitates for children or/or adults. She is a skilled, gifted, spiritual, insightful and astute facilitator enabling students to unearth and release a wide range of trapped physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual patterns that often have their roots in early childhood and haven’t served us well. In my case I’m releasing internalized trauma, sadness, fear, issues of safety, lack of confidence, and so much more. I feel freer in myself without apology. While the work is ongoing I’m grateful for these early results. Thank you Nicole.”



Please get in touch with me by sending an email to [email protected]